User Guide


There are two ways of downloading data with Synda: using synda get command, and using synda install command. synda get is similar to wget command while synda install is similar to apt-get command (but asynchronous). synda get is handy to quickly download a few files, while synda install is intended to manage a large number of files. The differences between synda get and synda install are listed below:

synda get: - no tracking - no parallel download - no daemon involved - synchronous

synda install: - tracking - parallel download - use daemon to manage download - asynchronous

synda param

To list facets:

synda param

To list facet values:

synda param <facet-key>

To search datasets on-the-fly:

synda search <facet-value>

synda get

synda get [ ID ] [ FACET ]...

The downloaded file(s) are stored in the sandbox directory. A different folder can be specified using -d option.

Download a dataset:

synda get cmip5.output1.CCCma.CanCM4.decadal1972.fx.atmos.fx.r0i0p0.v20120601

Download a file:

synda get

If download fails, you can search for another replica using -r option:

synda search -r  [ ID ] [ FACET ]...

Then retry the download with the data_node parameter to specify which replica to use:

synda search -r

synda get -f

synda install

synda install [ ID ] [ FACET ]...

This command adds matching file(s) in the download queue and store tracking information in the local database.

A background process checks the download queue regularly and download the files.

The downloaded files are stored in the data directory.

Install a dataset:

synda install

Install a variable:

synda install tas

Install a file:

synda install

Install files matching facets stored in a selection file:

model=CNRM-CM5 CSIRO-Mk3-6-0
experiment=historical amip
variable[atmos][mon]=tasmin tas psl
variable[ocean][fx]=areacello sftof
variable[land][mon]=mrsos nppRoot nep
synda install -s sample_selection_01.txt

Start/Stop downloading

In source installation, run command below:

synda daemon [ start | stop ]

Error management

Changing replica for all file in errors

If download fails you can try another replica.

To change the replica for all files in error, use command below:

synda replica next

Getting information about errors

Log files below contain useful information about errors:

  • discovery.log contains information regarding discovery.

  • transfer.log contains information regarding download.

  • debug.log contains low-level download information.


Log files are stored in $HOME/log folder.