nctime works according to the configuration INI file(s) of the ESGF nodes.

On an ESGF node, the configuration directory containing those INI files is /esg/config/esgcet, that is the default for nctime. In the case you are running nctime outside of an ESGF node, the directory gathering all .ini files has to be submitted using the -i option (see Generic usage).

Those INI files declare all facets and allowed values according to the Data Reference Syntax (DRS) and the controlled vocabularies of the corresponding project. nctime especially use the filename format to deduce facet values. Preset esg.<project_id>.ini files have been properly built by ESGF community for the following projects:

  • CMIP6
  • CMIP5
  • CORDEX-Adjust
  • GeoMIP
  • input4MIPs
  • obs4MIPs
  • PMIP3

Those project INI files can be fetched from the official GitHub repository using the esgfetchini tool from the esgprep Python toolbox.

Currently, nctime has been tested and supports CMIP-like and CORDEX-like projects.